Lay the groundwork

You know your job; we do the rest!

Which documents do you want to digitise? Procedures, checklists, audit and certification guidelines, operating methods, technical documents, training documents, briefing documents?

Transform (NO CODE)

Absolutely no need to be an expert.  wink

Thanks to our 100% intuitive design studio, each paper-based form is digitised and thus becomes usable on smartphones and tablets


The Apps’inOne engine automatically organises your processes!

The App structures itself to reflect the required “paper” documentary organisation (e.g. worksite file) Configuration begins with a simple Excel file from which you can create your first module.


Who does what? Our Card Manager is there!  innocent

You’ve created your first module or modules?

In just a few clicks, Card Manager allows you to assign them to the relevant users and to subsidiaries, projects, etc.

The right module for the right user in the right place.


Functions can be assembled like bricks

Functions such as taking photographs, signatures, alerts, notifications, email, reference lists, etc. can be assembled like bricks where necessary.

It’s simple and immediately operational.

Filter, analyse

Apps’inOne… an all-in-one creator of value  cool

Your App is deployed! The data are synchronised and automatically consolidated in a secure database.

Apps’inOne offers full functionality for filtering, provision of management information and data analysis.

Export, publish, plan

100% high quality!

Apps’inOne provides highly qualified data based on your own indicators. Reports are produced almost automatically and help you save precious time. The planning interface enables remote management of the system