Create a business App in a few hours and with no coding

Apps’inOne is a highly configurable, 100% intuitive, NO-CODE platform.

It is aimed at organisations that wish to create Mobile Business Apps unaided, without requiring any specific IT skills and in a few clicks.


100% configurable

Advanced support

A 100% intuitive design studio to improve the deployment of all your business Apps

You retain control over the unlimited configuration of high-performance mobile applications Available on Android and IOS and web use on PC.

1 – Configure

2 – Deploy

3 – Use

4 – Analyse

5 – Publish

We meet your main digitisation challenges.

Without Apps’inOne

With Apps’inOne

Too many heterogeneous solutions

All-in-one solution, ready to use

Too many unconnected databases

Integration of all your operational data

Exponential IT costs

A single platform for all your Apps

Exponential user training costs

A single interface for everyone; simple to use; no training required

Time-consuming and slow to react

Your App ready in a few hours!

⊗ Lack of flexibility

100% configurable

Loss of independence

Autonomy of administration and configuration

Thanks to NO-CODE, deploy extremely powerful Mobile Apps in next to no time

"65% of all application development activities by 2024."

Study by Gartner.

"30% growth between now and 2026”

Study by Forrester.

Key functionalities to help you gain time.

Design studio
Intuitive and accelerated creation of high-performance business applications. Activation of advanced functionalities.
A multi-modular platform perfectly adapted to large companies. Possibility of articulating several project levels (countries, subsidiaries, projects, modules, etc.).

Our solution can be grafted onto your existing IT systems as a plug-in. Perfectly complements a more global digital transition strategy.

Management of access rights

Clever management of user access rights means that you can benefit from “the right App at the right time for the right user”. Each user profile can be assigned different rights or modules depending on his/her job.

Automatic updates

Every day, the system is enhanced thanks to improvements suggested by our clients. It is becoming more and more specialised but is focused on the needs of mobile operators. The costs are mutualised BUT the service is bespoke.

Data and analysis

Your data are sent back in real time and automatically structured. The wide range of filters enable a pertinent analysis to be made, based on precise indicators.


The level of security and conformity meets the requirements of major industrial groups. Our teams provide a rapid response to the requirements determined by your IT department.

Like us, create and deploy your own range of business applications!

Inspection of your wind farms

  • • 80 points to be monitored (yaw, blade, brake, pitch, gearbox…).
  • • Accelerated management of observations and non-conformities.
  • • Production of precise, high-quality inspection reports.

Inspection of your photovoltaic farms

  • Detection of breakdown in modules, substations, inverters, cables, etc.
  • Inspection of photovoltaic networks, electrical equipment, meteorological systems and technical buildings.
  • Inspection of security and safety equipment.

Inspection and security of your sites

  • Security of industrial sites, warehouses and buildings.
  • Diagnosis and identification of vulnerable points (intrusion, access control, malicious behaviour, damage, surveillance, etc.).
  • Organisational, technical and human means of providing security.

Health, Safety and Environment risk prevention

  • 80 points to be monitored related to all risk categories and normal safety equipment (PPE, CPE, etc.).
  • Feedback on hazardous situations in five clicks.
  • Accelerated management of action plans.
  • High-quality inspection reports.

ISO 45001 standard and actions required to meet it

  • A complete App providing point-by-point correspondence with the ISO 45001 guidelines.
  • Complete personalisation (1/4h safety briefings and training sessions, risk analysis, visits by management, etc.).
  • Extremely precise traceability and performance indicators.

Assistance with introducing the current COVID standards

  • 50 check points in order to rapidly evaluate how well prepared you are (information display, signing, stocks, etc.)
  • Rapid feedback on COVID-related risks and incidents (e.g. a worksite closed down by a client).
  • Precise indicators to simplify the work of COVID officers.

Digital transformation. We answer your questions

Can I host the Apps’inOne solution on my own servers (on my premises)?

Yes. Our IT team will contact yours to discuss the situation.

What is the mean time required to configure a module (or an App)?

Our NO CODE platform is extremely agile, offering the shortest configuration times on the market. A technical inspection App with 150 monitoring points based on your own document system (operating methods, procedures, etc.) can be created in less than four hours.

Will my employees be autonomous? What will be our degree of independence?

Yes, of course. You are in full control of the design studio and of every stage of configuration. The system is highly intuitive. Designate a “Platform Administrator” who, from a PC-based web access, will be able to create modules (Apps) on demand in response to your field teams’ requirements.

Does the Apps’inOne platform include quality and Lean Management processes?

Oui. Yes. There are five universal quality concepts at the heart of our platform. PDCA, a continuous improvement principle forming the basis of all certification systems, is one of the foundations of our product.

Other concepts (e.g. Ishikawa 7M – Reason Model – 5S) are also included.

Can I use my own packs of icons and pictograms?

Yes, of course, you can download your own packs in order to customise your Mobile App.

Our platform also offers packs of icons relating to a wide variety of topics (e.g. quality, safety, environment, public works, wind farms, photovoltaic installations, etc.).

What our clients say about our Apps.

“The Safenergy mobile solution’s modularity allows us to cover a very broad spectrum of situations and enables us to anticipate a very wide range of complementary developments”

Daniel Soldini, Dir 3SEQ, Razel Bec

“The adaptability and flexibility of use of the Apps’inOne platform enables us to constantly develop our system and to improve our control over the quality of our products.”

Charline MARIE – Quality Manager – APIFOOD

“This approach allows us to reduce data entry time and speed up the acquisition and consolidation of data, thus making us more efficient.”

Pierre Bergon, DSI, GROUPE FAYAT

“The mobile application is ergonomic and enables us to carry out exhaustive inspections in accordance with our internal procedures, the system enables large volumes of data to be uploaded in order to produce complex, high-quality reports.”

Bruno Allain, CEO – 8.2 France

Software developed in the field, with our clients

Software developed in the field, with our clients